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Custom water features design+build for budgets: $10,000-$1m - Stock inventory is also available but not updated regularly - Please email prior to ordering online with a link to the unit you have in mind along with photos of the space where it will be going for suggestions - Freight quoted separately or in one custom order form

Warehouse Sale (Readymade Inventory Delta)

Warehouse sale (online orders only - local pickup available)

Freestanding waterwalls and
 bubblewalls are a plug and play solution to designing unique spaces.

Note for LED bubblewalls that the one-way check valve which plugs directly into the rubber hose on the air pump has a limited lifespan of 12-24 months depending on the flow rate adjustment of the nozzles. These parts can be picked up at a local aquarium or hydroponics store for under a dollar. Replacement pumps can be purchased online or in a local hydroponics/aquarium shop.

Custom water features design + build experts