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Indoor Floor Waterfall Fountain


Shipping calculated separately through one of a dozen freight providers. Premade fountain kits are the more economical option compared to our fully custom made pieces.

Select a model to view all the different color combinations of trims and surface materials.
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Because WaterfallNow's contractors manufacture fully custom indoor and outdoor water features, we understand the requirements and things to look for. Our team also provides local installation services in the Lower Mainland, BC. If you have any questions regarding any fountains feel free to let us know and we will provide you with more information to make your project a success. Poor planning and improper installation practices can damage your fountain. Your installers can give us a call at any time during the installation process if they have any questions.
Please be advised that the fountain photos on our website are digitally enhanced and do not reflect the actual appearance of what you are getting. We can provide real photos of the stones natural appearances so you can visualize what you are getting. The stones are all unique and we can provide a special link for you to select the panels that you are most interested in.

Harmony River (Centered In Base)
Grandeur River (Centered In Base)

WaterfallNow Floor Fountains
Custom Sizes Also Available
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WaterfallNow Partition Divider Floor Fountains
Custom Sizes Also Available