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6.5 Foot Floor Fountain Center Mount White Trim Clear Glass - WTCCG79FF

$ 1,400.00 CAD


Indoor free standing waterfall fountain stands slightly 6.56 feet tall and 3.28 feet wide. 

This fountain generates calming sounds of falling water. Perfect for reception areas producing a soothing white noise that is pleasant for your guests, family, and friends. 

Model: WTCCG79FF
Trim color also available in brushed stainless steel clear glass or dark copper brown glass.

Height 200 CM
Width 100 CM
Diameter 46 CM

Installation and setup takes approximately 15 minutes. 

We recommend using distilled water and running the pump 24/7 however tap water or tap water is also ok if not run in dusty conditions. Simple installation and cleaning. 

Comes with submersible pump and micron filter with adjustable flow valve. 

Can also come with two color changing LED lights, RGB Smart LED strip lights or other lighting options available on request.

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