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6x9 Brushed Stainless Steel Water Wall - Clear Tempered Glass - Rear Mounted

$ 5,000.00 CAD

Brushed stainless steel water wall. 6' wide x 9' tall adds a tranquil and stress reducing sound to the room. 

WaterfallNow can custom build these in any size shape or design locally.

Free-standing (center mount) or flush to the rear for placement against a wall.
This unit features clear glass with stone tile behind on the wall.

Works with a mural, art, grafitti, logo, brick, tile, wallpaper or plain wall. Want to project images onto the surface? We can make it happen. 

No special plumbing required. This unit can be manually filled and drained with recirculating pump housed in the base. Custom plumbed options can also be fabricated into the tank design. Fully self-contained as is.

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