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BC Home + Garden Show February 19-23, 2020 Booth #1018

Posted on February 02 2020

Tradeshows tradeshows tradeshows... 

We attend various shows throughout the year and this is one of the biggest in the Lower Mainland that we always recoup our investment from within the first day.

Come and ask questions in person.

Booth #1018

50% off 3D design renderings when you book at the show (save hundreds!)
Email drawings to

Save 50-70% on average OR more on custom design+build+installed water features, waterfalls, fountains, bubble walls, and more when you book before or during the show. Average finished costs range from $40-$120 per square foot. Spaces fill up quick so book in advance if you'd also like your order included in one of our bulk production runs for stock sizes for even bigger savings.

Moses Yoon


waterfallnow bc home garden show 2020 feb floor plan

We enjoyed working on this project with the homeowner and their home builder (Lentel Construction). The private couple responded to one of our online ads and visited us at the show to brainstorm more ideas. Eventually we concluded that we would go with clear custom wavy kiln formed glass to offer some privacy from the main entrance. Their interior designer requested 2cm gaps in between each panel.



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