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Custom and readymade indoor and outdoor waterfalls, fountains, bubblewalls, and water features - Design manufacturing installation maintenance specialist Vancouver, BC Canada - Order direct. We accept Visa, Etransfer, Paypal, Mastercard, Amex, cheques, cash, and more. Email prior to ordering to receive a custom order link with shipping rate included. We offer the best prices in North America on custom work.

12 Foot Indoor Floor Fountain 360cm x 200cm x 50 cm - BPCG360FF-X

$ 12,000.00 CAD $ 16,000.00 CAD


Large indoor partition fountain with extended base. This beautiful water wall made with white powder coated black trim and clear tempered glass with textured borders is sure to amaze. 

Water flows out over the top of the fountain and over both sides of the wall.

These fountains span almost 12 feet in length and stand slightly over 6.5 feet tall making it great as a divider fountain to separate open areas and create some privacy.

These fountains are suitable for lobby areas, restaurants, banquet halls, large offices, hotels, dealerships, or corporate headquarters just to name a few examples. Place them by the entryway, waiting areas, or in the showroom. 

While they are recommended for indoor use, they can also be used outdoors under covered areas.

All orders come with a bottle of special glass cleaner and cleaning kit.

Your choice of black, white, grey, or beige polished river rock in base (reversible rock trays).

Comes with 3 LED bars in blue or white along with submersible pumps and micron filter.

Choose any color trim or glass! White, Black, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Brown, Gold, Orange, Neon, and more...

Our fountains come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

Dimensions (made to custom sizes)

Height: 200cm
Width: 360cm
Depth: 50cm


All dimensions are customizable.

These fountains are shipped by freight and also available for local pickup from our warehouse.

Model: BPCG360FF-X

Brand: WaterfallNow

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