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Floor Fountain - Harmony River (Flush Mounted Towards Rear Of The Base) - Multi-Color FeatherStone - Antique Bronze - hrf35142

$ 1,973.19 CAD $ 2,395.15 CAD



A top seller and for  good reason. The Harmony River floor fountain is  a beautiful and compact fountain that produces beautiful sounds for any room.  Improve the feng shui of your space with a fountain that everyone can enjoy.

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Floor Waterfall, Mounted Flush in the Back of the Base

* 31” Wide x 70” Tall x 14” Deep
* Simple set-up
* Includes remote that controls the lights and water from anywhere
in the room
* The welded plastic liner is double tested and prevents
against leakage.
* A uniquely designed water distribution unit system won’t
clog, thus giving you even water flow.
* Only one cord plugs into the wall and can come out of either the right
or left bottom corner of the tray
* Durable powder coat finish on all of our painted metal trim.
* Fully contained.

* Polished River Pebbles
* Halogen Lighting
* Printed instructions and a URL for an installation video
* Electric pump
Water Surface Standing Weight Shipping Weight
Marble 275 lbs 300 lbs
Mirror 205 lbs 230 lbs
FeatherStone 200 lbs 225 lbs

Upgrade Options
Custom Logo (+$495.00) # Colors: 
(+$100.00 for each over 1) ?
See custom logo examples
Stone Selection (+$100.00) ?
LED Colored, Programmable Lights (+$59.97) ?
Polished Black Pebbles (+$99.95) ?
Water Distiller (+$199.00)

Feature Material Options:
Black FeatherStone
Black Spider Marble
Bronze Mirror
Green FeatherStone
Multi-Color FeatherStone
Rainforest Brown Marble
Rainforest Green Marble
Silver Mirror

Trim Options:
Antique Bronze
Blackened Copper
Rustic Copper
Stainless Steel

Upgrade Options
Custom Logo (+$495.00) # Colors: 1 (+$100.00 for each over 1) 
Stone Selection (+$100.00)
LED Colored, Programmable Lights (+$59.97)
Polished Black Pebbles (+$99.95)
Water Distiller (+$199.00)

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