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Custom 3D Vacuform Panels - Scenic Decor Plastic Sheets (Indoor & Outdoor)

$ 15.00 CAD $ 72.95 CAD

50+ Molds and patterns. These cutouts range from 2'x2' in size and up.

We can create molds of existing 3D panels and produce hundreds of units for you at an affordable price.

These can be used to create cement bricks and tiles for walkways, walls, or used as is once painted to a realistic finish.

1-888-832-2242 (1)

These 1mm ABS plastic sheets can be cut with heavy duty sheers or metal scissors. Special plastic paints and heavy duty construction glue can be used to attach them to most surfaces.

Full and half sized sheets are also available.

We can produce up to 600 sheets per day at our shop.
Need a custom mold or design? We do that too.

Custom vacuum thermoforming Surrey/Vancouver

Manufacturing: 10-8116 130 Street Surrey, BC, Canada

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