6.5 Feet Tall 3.2 Feet Wide White Trim Clear Glass

  • $ 1,400.00 CAD

Free standing waterfall. Pump sits in the base and recirculates water up to the top. Water is added manually by bucket to compensate for evaporation. Always keep the pump submerged underwater to protect the motor. 

We include submersible LED flood lights which can go in the base tank. Other options includes LED strip lights (with sticker backing), LED light bars, LED lit hood covers, or flood lights that sit in the rock tray. 

This unit is very simple to assemble and runs seamlessly once adjusted to the right water pressure via the adjustable flow valve connected to micron filter and pump. Once on you can leave this unit running indefinitely.

We recommend leaving our water walls running all the time to prevent stagnation and the buildup of algae. We supply water treatments for fountains to keep them running smoothly. We recommend swapping out the water once every few months with a wet vac.

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