3D Tree Bark & 3D Aquarium Background Panels - TB-020

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3D Tree Bark & 3D Aquarium Background Panels - TB-020
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Tree bark (vertical lines wrap around a pole and paint to a wood finish)
Aquarium background (horizontal lines - cut sheet to fit your aquarium)

We also manufacture 3D foam sculptures for custom lizard and fish aquariums.

The cutoff sheet in the photo is approx 2'x3'. Full sized sheets are approx 53" x 113" for $60

Thermoforming / Vacuum forming plastic sheet panels. These can be painted or airbrushed for a realistic look. Multiple panel material options. Custom molds available by request. Used in movie & TV sets, scenic backgrounds, set props, hobby crafts, and more. Lightweight and can be painted. Various materials available in different thicknesses. Great for temporary uses to stage special events at a fraction of the cost of real materials with lower labour costs. Reusable. Contact us in advance to request a customized order.

Category: NATURE
Details: Bark - Muddy Wall
Notes: 0.040" ABS @ $95/sht
Order number: AS-020-40