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Floor & Wall Fountain Metal Trim Options

Certain restrictions may apply by model type.
(888)-832-2242 (1)

Stainless Steel Trim
stainless steel trim

Woodland Brown Trim
woodland brown trim

Textured Black Trim
textured black trim

Snow White
snow white

Silver Vein Trim
silver vein trim

Silver Metalic Trim
silver metalic trim

Shimmer Gold Trim
shimmer gold trim

Rustic Copper Trim
rustic copper trim

Eurso Vein Trim
Eurso Vein trim

Copper Vein Trim
copper vein trim

Bronze Silverado Trim
bronze silverado trim

Blackened Copper Trim
blackened copper trim

Antique Bronze Trim
Antique Bronze

Metal bracket PDF diagrams (Adagio) fountains models

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