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Custom water features design+build for budgets: $10,000-$1m - Stock inventory is also available but not updated regularly - Please email prior to ordering online with a link to the unit you have in mind along with photos of the space where it will be going for suggestions - Freight quoted separately or in one custom order form

Polyresin Fiberglass Garden LED Rock Waterfalls

If you are open to the idea of getting a fountain, waterfall, or any form of water feature for your home or office simply drop us a line. Feel free to attach a photo of where you want to put one. We will offer a few suggestions in response with photos/videos of products that we recommend along with pricing.

polyresin fountains

Video sample:

Adding a rock waterfall can almost instantly rejuvenate your living space with the soothing sounds of falling water. While our subsidiary Rocky Waterfall ( creates custom hand-made resort-style waterfalls on-site, we have also seen a big demand from customers across Canada and the USA for smaller readymade sized waterfalls that are beautiful and affordable at the same time. We are now offering readymade polyresin rock waterfalls supplied by other manufacturers as an alternative to our custom-made options.

Readymade or custom built on-site

polyresin fiberglass rock waterfall

polyresin rock waterfall

These waterfalls are bird friendly and suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor use. Each piece is professionally hand crafted with lightweight yet durable fiberglass resin materials to resist fading or cracking for many years. These rock waterfalls look especially spectacular at night with the LED lights glistening on the water.
fiberglass rock waterfall

Ideal locations are on the porch, patio, front yard, backyard, gardens, beside a pond, or even in a lobby area of an office. When used outdoors please note that new water must be added to the basin to compensate for any water that evaporates or splashes out over time. Please monitor the unit for the first few days to familiarize yourself with how much water to add (by hose or bucket) to ensure that the water pump is fully submerged at all times so that it does not burn out or cause premature damage to the motor.

polyresin tree pondless garden waterfall statue

Each rock waterfall is hand picked and inspected to ensure it is well designed and waterproofed with no leaking before packing. Electronic components such as the LED lights and pump are factory tested but also have a small chance to not work out of the box. In those cases simply give us a call or email with a short video and we can issue a replacement unit free of charge. We can then inspect the components for other pieces we stock to ensure that it is a one off incident. 

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