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8Ft tall x 4Ft wide - LED Bubble Wall - RGB Remote - Brushed Stainless Steel

$ 3,000.00 CAD


These free-standing bubblewalls are a great way to decorate entrances and reception areas. Colour Changing Remote - Brushed Stainless Steel Trim

Very low maintenance. Set it and forget it. We have hundreds of satisfied customers. Give us a call or email anytime for quick customer support:

All of our bubblewalls come with super silent air pumps, lights and all parts minus water. These take around 60L of distilled water to fill.

Includes 2 LED strip lights (built into the framing which can be replaced or swapped with sound/bluetooth activated strip lights. LED components/power supply. Heavy duty air pump. Fittings. Bag of black polished river rocks. 2x rock trays. Comes with 4 extra check valves and line of rubber air tubing. The check valves need to be cleaned out or can be replaced once every 12 months.

Model: BWH238122SS

Dimensions (edge to edge)

238cm height

122cm wide

38cm horizontal depth

Free-standing partition LED bubble wall

1-888-832-2242 (1) - (sales, installation and maintenance advice)

I was asked to assist with a last minute 3 day conference. 6x bubblewalls and 1x waterwall (with logos) delivery/rental/setup for an executive conference. These really stood out especially in the evenings and we ended up selling out of the remaining warehouse inventory after the show.

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