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Tabletop Waterwalls 16"x14" RGB LED

$ 199.99 CAD


Tabletop waterwalls are a nice decor piece to any room.

For local pickup only in Lower Mainland, BC Canada

Transparent glass panel. 
Water trickles down both sides of the transparent glass.

Size: 16" wide x 14" tall (inches)

All units are new in box - packed in styrofoam/cardboard. The styrofoam sections are large enough that they can be used to craft faux foam rocks to surround the waterwall. Decorate yours with plants, and other pieces - get creative!

Pump with adjustable flow dial and LED ring light are included.

Does not include foam pad/stickers but those can easily be found in stores to reduce vibration.

When properly installed these run perfectly and sound nice.

These units cast a nice light show on the ceiling in dim lit rooms.

Glass can be replaced from your end with slate, plastic, or natural stone pieces (just drill a hole).
You can etch or carve something into the stone panel or even add a sticker on the glass. If you'd like us to do this for you just let us know. 

Model: TF-50
Available in black or white trim

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