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Custom water features design+build for budgets: $10,000-$1m - Stock inventory is also available but not updated regularly - Please email prior to ordering online with a link to the unit you have in mind along with photos of the space where it will be going for suggestions - Freight quoted separately or in one custom order form

Sandalwood Oil Warmer Set

$ 13.23 CAD


Sweet sandalwood aroma will fill your room when you bring this set home. It has everything you need for a little aromatherapy, including a pretty ceramic oil warmer, sandalwood scented oil, and a tea light candle.

Set includes ceramic oil burner, 10ML fragrance oil and one unscented tea light candle.

Weight 0.8 pounds. 5.5" x 3.12" x 4". Paper, PVC, Ceramic, Glass. UPC Number: 849179027223.

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