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Custom water features design+build for budgets: $10,000-$1m - Fully booked for 2021 and accepting bookings for Spring 2022 - Stock inventory is available but not updated regularly - Please email prior to ordering online with a link to the unit you have in mind along with photos of the space where it will be going for suggestions.

Princess Leia Apron

$ 29.25 CAD


Turn into the sexy slave version of Princess Leia every time you start cooking! This Star Wars Princess Leia Apron is the perfect thing for that chef who just can't get enough of the Star Wars series. Looking just like Princess Leia's iconic and sexy slave gold bikini from when she was forced to be Jabba the Hutt's servant, this awesome apron will keep the grease off your shirt while letting you dress up as slave Princess Leia for a fraction of the cost.

One size fits all adult apron. Printed in the USA.

Weight 0.5 pounds. 25" x 0" x 31.5". Cotton. UPC Number:674449086354.

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