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Custom indoor and outdoor waterfall fountain bubblewall and water features design manufacturing installation maintenance specialist Vancouver, BC Canada

Feet: 7.2ft high x 6.65ft wide x 1.5ft depth Partition Waterfall Clear Glass Gold Trim

$ 3,500.00 CAD


Free standing partition waterfall. Can be used as part of a custom built waterfall feature. Plumbing comes pre-set up. Just screw on the water pump to the existing tubes, add water, plug in the power code and the water will begin to flow. Use the flow valve to control the flow rate.

Feet: 7.2ft high x 6.65ft wide x 1.5ft depth
Inches: 89.61 inches high x 78.74 inches wide x 18.11 inches depth
Centimetres: 220 high x 200 wide x 46 depth

Comes with submersible pump, micron filter, and flow valve

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