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Custom Water Feature Design + Render

$ 499.00 CAD

Order 3D renderings for the proposed development or custom home (includes our quote for selected features). Includes surrounding room and furnishings if such information is supplied.

Get a quote by email prior to ordering for accurate pricing:

Forward photos or videos of the space with floor plan (more accurate) or approximate dimensions and receive a 3D model of the landscape or scene from a distance. You may also forward relevant files, floor plans, drawings, photos, or videos of something you have seen online that is close to what you have envisioned. 

From here we design several mock ups to allow you to visualize how a certain feature will look in that space. We design features that are feasible for us to build and install.

What's included:

Receive 3D photorealistic rendering of proposed concepts.

Dimensions are to scale based on the information provided)

Customers may request concept designs in the form of pencil/pen hand sketches, painting, raw 3D Sketchup model, or photorealistic model (default)

What's not included:

PDF Shop/engineered detail drawings may be ordered separately if required.

Consultation/Estimate/Planning - >>Order Here<<

Custom Water Feature Shop Detail Drawings - >>Order Here<<

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