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Custom Water Feature Shop Detail Drawings & Engineering

$ 1,000.00 CAD

What's included:
Shop detail drawings for rough-in and permit applications containing dimensions, materials, electrical, plumbing, drainage, mechanical filtration, submersible/in-line pump housing, pond, manifold, waterline, and more...

Pricing will vary based on the scope complexity of the water feature ($10,000-$1m)

Contact WaterfallNow's owner for a quote prior to ordering online:


Water walls

Rain curtains

Mesh waterfall

Glass waterfall

Stone waterfall

Metal waterfall

LED bubble wall

And more...

This service is available to people in Canada, USA, and internationally (we are familiar with code requirements in North America including those for disease and infection control but will not have knowledge of requirements internationally. That will be in your scope and up to you to inform us before we get to work on your order.

What's not included (Read before ordering)

Consultation/Estimate/Planning - >>Order Here<<

Custom water features design + build experts