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Rocky Waterfall

Artificial Rock Panels - Fiberglass - GFRC

$99,999.00 CAD

Artificial rock panels made with a mixture of fiberglass and real rock powders.

The panels are molded by hand from real rock cliffs.

We make the lightest and most durable artificial rocks that retains the look and feel of natural rock. They also look better with age.

These lightweight yet realistic and durable rock panels can be cut, shaped, and assembled to any size. 

Manufactured in Surrey, BC.

When left under shaded areas for years, the natural growth of lichens and moss gives the rocks a very natural look.

Over 30 different patterns. 

Normal weights range between from 20lb to 40lb per panel and are light enough for one person to carry above their head.

Thickness can be customized based on the application.

Discounts on large volume orders.

Build large 100 foot rock walls in record time.

Per unit prices may vary.