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7.5 Feet Indoor Floor Fountain Rose Gold Trim Bronze Mirror - RGBM90FF

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7.5 Feet Indoor Floor Fountain Rose Gold Trim Bronze Mirror - RGBM90FF

This fountain can be used in an existing wall and framed on the sides or as a stand alone piece in the center of a room. The relaxing white noise of falling water helps to calm the mind and create a peaceful environment. 

Center Mounted Single Sided

Model: CPBM90FF

Type: Floor fountain

Add to lobby or office

This premade fountain can also be framed in during construction to create a raised water wall.

Submersible pump and light

Fully self-contained unit

Transparent glass (optional upgrade to pattern glass}

Limited quantities remaining

Custom fountains available on request:



This product is absolutely delightful. They are very easy to set-up and only takes a matter of minutes to get running. 

  • Optional upgrade to color changing LED with remote includes polished river rocks
  • Optional company logo or slogans can be etched onto the surface
  • Lower Mainland residents have option to choose from several colors of polished river rocks.
  • Tested prior to delivery for quality assurance. 
  • Large pump filter with a secondary micron filter. Heavy duty water flow valve to adjust water pressure and speed.
  • Fountain and lights warrantied for 1 year
  • Pumps are warrantied for 6 months
  • Easy to remove rock tray
  • Sturdy lift out rock tray so you can service with ease
  • Heavy duty construction grade PVC plumbing
  • Even stainless steel water distribution system ensures full coverage without requiring constant adjustments.
  • Distilled water is recommended
  • Includes polished river rocks as seen in photos
  • Can be used indoor as well as outdoor 

Model: CPBM90FF

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