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Learn how to build your own indoor fountains waterfalls and waterwalls here

Are you looking for a way to learn how to build our own custom waterwalls? It can be for your hobby, for your business, as an additional income stream, or any other good reason (we will be the judge). We want to help more good people learn this great hobby which may even turn into a lucrative way to add an additional revenue stream for your existing business. There are many bad apples in this industry and we aim to weed them out by helping more people build indoor fountains, waterwalls, waterfalls, and water features that can last a lifetime.

We are able to provide packaged step by step information so you can learn how to get custom waterwalls built for upcoming renovation projects. This is great for custom luxury home builders, architects, interior designers, realtors, welders, landscapers, stone masons, pool builders, or just business owners looking to stretch their dollar and get more bang for their buck when it comes to decorating your space. If you are handy and feel you can manage the project on your own then send us an email to request further information on how to make custom waterfalls.

We are able to provide custom tailored detailed information throughout all phases including but not limited to:
- How-to instructional videos (customized videos for your specific needs)
- Detailed CAD cross sections, component drawings, 3D modeling, and renderings (for different materials, surfaces, designs, and more)
- Detailed mechanical/plumbing drawings including specs and component sourcing
- Electrical supply information
- Spillway design (we utilize over 30 different types of spillway designs - 3 of them are simple and common (hint: holes in PVC pipe) but use the wrong design and you may end up flooding your home or business while risking mold and electric shock! 
- For indoor and outdoor applications
- For commercial and residential
- Mechanical filtration or simple submersible pump
- Cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting
- General business advice

As a courtesy to our clients, we also provide fair value consulting drafting/design, engineering, and custom metal fabrication services below the typical shop rate in North America. Send us a photo, dimensions, and rough idea of what you want and we can have your idea realistically rendered the next day to the exact dimensions of your site plan.

We are experienced in our own industry and feel the market is big enough even if there are 100x more companies building them. The truth is not many people are aware of the option to have these built for their homes. We have many competitive advantages in the marketplace including access to high quality 304/316 brushed stainless steel, hundreds of design drawings, inhouse design/welding capabilities, and many satisfied customers. You are welcome to reach out and grow your business with us and we will also help to support you as you grow your own including providing access to our fab shop to get parts made at cost pricing. When we release a new design, you will be one of the few to gain access to them.

We have a strict vetting process and will not supply parts to fly by night contractors with a bad reputation. Our goal is to help those that truly care for their customers and that are passionate about designing and building wonderful works of art.

- Must have 5 or more employees
- In business for 5 years or more (willing to make an exception for business owners with 5 or more employees if they do not have 5 years in business).
- Existing portfolio of work in your current craft to give us an idea of the quality of work you are capable of accomplishing
- Above average knowledge of how to take proper measurements (we will also teach you how to do this)
- Member of an organization or membership in your industry (minor indication that you are committed to sticking around).
- Responsive to communications

If you found yourself saying yes to these things then we'd love to hear from you.
So go on and introduce yourself

Disclaimer: This is not a 'business opportunity' in the sense that you are investing anything with a guarantee of making money. You will however be presented with materials that can be used to design and build very beautiful works of art even if you are not a welder, plumber, or designer.

We would like to first learn about you and what you do and then determine whether or not we feel you are a good fit for our service. Don't worry, this process is quick and we will usually notify you within 24 hours or after checking with the 3 references you provide. We are careful not to show everyone what we do because this industry also happens to be filled with fly by night contractors that have no intention of fulfilling their promises.

While we would love to share this information for free, we still value our time, experience, designs, partnerships, and love for this craft. At the same time we also want to respect artists that rely on this information to support themselves and don't want anyone and everyone to learn how to build them professionally. There is currently no fixed cost as we are not providing a cookie cutter solution that is available to the general public. First we will learn your needs and present you with a proposal that is feasible and realistic for the potential value you may find in the information and business relationship.

Sound fair?

Moses Yoon
Phone: 888-832-2242 Ext 1


If you arrived to this page because you are working on a commercial project with a budget beyond a quarter million dollars then we can connect you to all of our partner companies and together we can provide a complete design + build service.


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