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Learn how to build your own indoor waterwalls and waterfalls [workshop]

Are you looking for a way to learn how to build our own custom waterwalls? It can be for your hobby, for your business, as an additional income stream, or any other good reason (we will be the judge). We want to help more good people learn this great hobby which may even turn into a lucrative way to add an additional revenue stream for your existing business. 

The next water feature pros workshop will be held virtually.
$500 to participate in the online group training
 and $3500 to participate in person)

Moses provides complete packaged step by step information so you can learn how to get custom waterwalls built for your upcoming renovation projects.

This is great for custom luxury home builders, architects, interior designers, realtors, welders, contractors, renovation pros, landscaping and construction companies, stone masons, pool builders, etc. If you are handy and feel you can manage the project on your own then send us an email to request further information on how to make custom waterfalls.

We are able to provide custom tailored detailed information throughout all phases including but not limited to:
- How-to instructional videos (customized videos for your specific needs)
- Detailed CAD cross sections, component drawings, 3D modeling, and renderings (for different materials, surfaces, designs, and more)
- Detailed mechanical/plumbing drawings including specs and component sourcing
- Electrical supply information
- Spillway design
- For indoor and outdoor applications
- For commercial and residential
- Mechanical filtration or simple submersible pump
- Cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting

As a courtesy to our clients, we also provide fair value consulting drafting/design, engineering, and custom metal fabrication services below the typical shop rate in North America. Send us a photo, dimensions
Moses Yoon
Phone: 888-832-2242 Ext 1

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