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Custom water features design+build for budgets: $10,000-$1m - Stock inventory is also available but not updated regularly - Please email prior to ordering online with a link to the unit you have in mind along with photos of the space where it will be going for suggestions - Freight quoted separately or in one custom order form

Fountains For Businesses

Adding a custom waterfall to your business can be a great way to welcome guests and create a lasting impression. Premade fountains are also appreciated by customers as it helps them to relax in the waiting areas prior to stepping in for an appointment.

The sounds are often heard throughout the reception areas and produces white noise to mask other sounds. 

Floor standing and wall mount fountains can be ordered online from a variety of suppliers. Contact the company for a free consultation and receive suggestions on the best designs and styles along with tips to prepare the area for your fountain. 

Have an open area and want to create some privacy? Adding a glass partition water wall can be a temporary barrier that looks and sounds appealing while providing a temporary wall.

Adding a waterfall to a business is also said to improve the feng shui of the space which is believed by some to attract wealth and prosperity. 

If you are looking for a waterfall, fountain, or water feature for your office or business then drop us a line for a free consultation. We have over 1000 options available to choose from.

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