13ft Tradeshow LED Bubblewall Table

  • $ 11,800.00 CAD
  • Save $ 600.00 CAD

Portable display bubblewall table comes in multiple sections.
Can be fully installed by 1 individual in less than 30 minutes!

13ft long bubblewall table decoration in 4 sections.. Can be framed with stone, tile, and other materials. Photos taken after filling with water hence wetness on the floor.
Each of the 4 sections has a 1/2" drain line with valve for easy draining. Simply add water through the top. Can be framed around the existing framing or we can make a new customized framing with any metal finish at our fabrication shop.

Lightweight and easy to set up for mobile displays.
RGB LED remote with multiple functions.

Includes super silent air pumps, inbuilt LED striplights, 4x drain valves, backpainted glass tops, frame, and bubblepanels.  Connect and add distilled water. Assembly takes less than 1 hour.


410cm length (161"~)
50cm width (20"~)
90cm height (35"~)

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