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8 Foot Floor Fountain Brushed Stainless Steel Featherstone - SSBF94FF

$ 1,800.00 CAD $ 3,200.00 CAD


[SOLD OUT] 8ft tall 4ft wide Floor Fountain Brushed Stainless Steel Featherstone - SSBF94FF

Comes with submersible pump, micron filter, flow valve, and LED light strip in hood.

We can make a different trim/finishing for these units. You can use these readymade waterwalls in a built-in application with custom finishing/millwork/framing/cladding or request us to supply or install it.

Easy to install and run.

Place against a wall by an entryway to amaze your guests.

Ready-made with no plumbing requirements.

Available exclusively on

Trim options: black or stainless steel

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