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6 Feet Tall 4 Feet Wide Mirror Titanium Stainless Steel Floor Fountain - TSS72FF

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Indoor floor fountain. This one is rear mounted and sits nicely against a wall. 
Can fit nicely into a new home construction project with drywall, faux stone, or stacked stone on the sides. Fully self-contained  In-stock in Surrey, BC.


6 Feet Height
4 Feet Wide


Recirculating water pump with adjustable flow valve and bonus micron filter
LED lights (we have a few different options including floods and strip kits.

For cleaning mirror we suggest plain water and paper towel or microfibre cloth and gently wiping in circles.

Other solutions can be used to polish the titanium electroplated brushed stainless trim. 

To maintain the water simply add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide or vinegar once a week to help keep algae at bay