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We specialize in manufacturing custom waterfalls, water features, fountains, and LED bubble walls ♕ 1000+ options ♕ Average 1 to 10 business day delivery in Canada ♕ Cost pricing ♕ ♕ (888)-832-2242

Tabletop Waterfall - RGB Ring Light - Black or white trim - TF50

$ 100.00 CAD


Stainless steel powder coated trim. Comes in black or white.

Transparent glass panel.
Water trickles down both sides.
Can be placed on a table or on the ground. For best results we recommend surrounding the unit with some potted plants to create a miniature indoor garden.

Size: 16" wide x 14" tall (inches)

All units are new in box - packed in styrofoam/cardboard and ready to ship.
Available while supplies last!

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