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Custom indoor and outdoor waterfall fountain bubblewall and water features design manufacturing installation maintenance specialist Vancouver, BC Canada

LED Bubble Wall Bar Acrylic Shelf - 120cm x 180cm - RGB

$ 2,000.00 CAD

This LED bubble wall can be used as a free-standing unit (secured to the ground with special brackets/bolts), placed against a wall, or put into a recessed space in the wall.

Acrylic shelves can hold 30lbs+ Ideal for bars, pubs, salons, clinics, offices, entrances, presentation rooms, foyers, and patio lounges.

What better way to demonstrate your product lines or even family photos than with this cool bubble wall display? 

20+ colors and multiple programmable colour changing modes.

Low maintenance (just top up with water once in a while once it is set up).

We will show you how to eliminate most of the sound from the immediate area that comes from the pump with some helpful tips and tricks.


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