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Custom and readymade indoor and outdoor waterfalls, fountains, bubblewalls, and water features - Design manufacturing installation maintenance specialist Vancouver, BC Canada - Order direct. We accept Visa, Etransfer, Paypal, Mastercard, Amex, cheques, cash, and more. Email prior to ordering to receive a custom order link with shipping rate included. We offer the best prices in North America on custom work.

Custom Waterfall, Fountain & Water Feature Reservoir | Tank | Basin

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Custom Waterfall, Fountain & Water Feature Reservoir | Tank | Basin

We fabricate to all lengths and sizes. We can design your reservoir to accommodate rock trays, submersible LED lighting, and much more.

Provide a shop drawing of what you are looking for. If you do not have one we provide full-service CAD/3D render design services along with fabrication, delivery, and installation. We supply and install hundreds of waterfalls each year and can walk you through some options.

We custom fabricate water tanks and reservoirs for indoor and outdoor custom water features projects with accuracy down to the exact millimetre. 

Manual or automated fill and drain options. Overflow, autofill, and other filtration spec'd by our mechanical plumbing engineers.

Pre-order during our bulk production runs for better pricing. By ordering and fabrication stainless steel, aluminum, glass, stones, submersible pumps, filtration, and lighting for 50+ custom waterfalls at a time we are able to reduce costs dramatically. Those savings are passed onto our customers. If you are budget conscious then drop us a line sooner than later so we can run you through the different options based on your unique needs and requirements.

Due to high call volumes we ask that requests for information be made via email with some basic details about what you are looking for. Keep emails short and to the point. Helpful facts includes: dimensions, timeframe, project location, your role in the project, preferred material options for the trim and panel, etc. You may send a short email and follow up via phone. If you call us without providing some basic information about what you are looking for then we will not be able to help you. This saves our team valuable time which then allows us to provide better service and quality at a lower cost to existing clients.

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