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Artificial Rock Waterfalls

rocky waterfall
This product is strictly only available for budgets $250,000+ for the remainder of 2021 as our schedule for waterwalls is booked until December. We will offer small sizes once again in the future once a suitable locations is found. Thank you for your patience.

Below are smallscale prototypes from 2014-2015 installed around Surrey, BC.

Our ultra light fiberglass rock panels are on average 6' wide x 8' tall x 1/4" thin and are light enough to lift with one hand. We have over 50 types of rocks in various shapes and sizes molded from real rockfaces in BC. Everything is hand manufactured by our team in Surrey, BC using proprietary methods. 

We also export our rock panels to construction companies in India, China, USA, Europe, Australia, and more (MOQ: 40ft container FCL)

These rocks can be found at amusement parks and are used to craft largescale walls, grottos, pool waterfalls, and overhangs where weight is an issue. 

Everything can be customized and manufactured according to specifications.
Sample panels can be provided upon commission of a contract.

GFRC (we make both lightweight and tougher durable panels according to the clients budget and needs).
Spray foam

Used in movie sets, retail, shopping malls, amusement parks, new developments, townhouses, public art, luxury resorts, and more.

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