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Artificial Rock Waterfall #crw00058

$ 0.00 CAD

Backyard waterfall for the pond or pool.

Custom built on-site.

Constructed using synthetic rocks with a tough fiber/kevlar backed membrane. Very durable and withstands all four seasons. All fiberglass rocks are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and are built to last.

Includes pond liner, submersible pumps, and installation

Fake rocks, AKA faux rocks or mock rocks are used in landscaping projects where the use of real rocks may not be ideal. Real rocks are heavy and don't always fit where you would like them to go. 

Using our fiberglass rock panels, you will be able to create realistic rock walls, waterfalls, and water features in any size, shape, or design to create resort-like atmospheres.

Free quote provided.

Built and shipped to your desired dimensions or built on-site right in your yard! 

Custom water features design + build experts